Frequently Asked Java Program 27: Java Program to Find Occurrence of Any Char in a Given String Without Iterating

Problem Statement: Find occurrence of given char  (Ignore case)  in given string without iterating through string. Input – Make Selenium Easy Char – ‘M’ Output- Occurrence of M is 2. Problem Solution: We need to solve this problem without iterating through string in search of character. Its simple. Logic step by step: FInd the initial length

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Frequently Asked Java Program 26: Java Program to Find Occurrence of Each Char in a Given String Without Using Collection

Problem Statement: Write a program to print occurrence of each character in given string without using Collection. Example:- Please enter the string to find occurrence of each char: Make Selenium Easy You entered: Make Selenium Easy Occurrence of M : 2 Occurrence of A : 2 Occurrence of K : 1 Occurrence of E :

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TestNG Tutorials 67 : Difference Between @Ignore & enabled Attribute of @Test Method in TestNG

Hello Folks, In last post, we have learnt about new annotation of TestNG , named @Ignore which is used to ignore @Test annotated methods at different levels i.e. Method, Class and Package. We have another attribute of Test annotation named “enabled” which is also used to serve the same purpose. So what are the differences

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TestNG Tutorials 65 – DataProvider in TestNG – All Possible Causes of Occurring Data Provider Mismatch Exception

Hello Folks, DataProvider is an awesome functionality provided by TestNG to achieve Data Driven Testing. You must have already seen many posts on DataProvider on my blog. If not, I will advise you to go through them. If you have used DataProvider in your tests, you must have encounter “Data provider mismatch” exception. I see

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Advanced Concept of Selenium – Design Patterns in Selenium WebDriver – There is Not Only Page Object Model Design Pattern

Hello Folks, When we talk about design pattern in Selenium WebDriver, we generally discuss about Page Object Model (POM) and Behavioural Driven Development (BDD). But there are many more. Before we go and see other design patterns in Selenium, I would like to explain “What is actually mean by Design Pattern?”. Design Pattern: A design

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