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DataProvider Concept in TestNG

TestNG Tutorials 49: Need of DataProvider Method in TestNG

TestNG Tutorials 50: DataProvider in TestNG – Understand Basics of DataProvider & How It Works

TestNG Tutorials 51: DataProvider in TestNG – Two Dimensional Array DataProvider Method

TestNG Tutorials 52: DataProvider in TestNG – Accessing DataProvider Methods From Another Class Test Class

TestNG Tutorials 53: DataProvider in TestNG – Is It Mandatory To Have Return Type as Object in DataProvider Method

TestNG Tutorials 54: DataProvider in TestNG – Implementing Object Oriented Concept “Encapsulation” with DataProvider Method

TestNG Tutorials 55: DataProvider in TestNG – Lazy Initialisation of DataProvider Method – Use of Iterator Return Type

TestNG Tutorials 56: DataProvider in TestNG – Parameterizing DataProvider Method to Provide Data to Multiple Test Methods

TestNG Tutorials 57: DataProvider in TestNG – Passing External Data File Name to DataProvider Method Using TestNG xml

TestNG Tutorials 58: DataProvider in TestNG – Running Test for Specific Set of Data Provided by DataProvider Method – Dataprovider With Indices

TestNG Tutorials 59: DataProvider in TestNG – Running DataProvider Method in Parallel – Parallel DataProvider Method

TestNG Tutorials 65 – DataProvider in TestNG – All Possible Causes of Occurring Data Provider Mismatch Exception

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