How To Change Default Download Directory For Chrome Browser in Selenium WebDriver

Hello Folks, Every browse has its default download directory. Whenever you download a file, it gets downloaded in default download directory. Generally default download directory is as below: C:\Users\<UserName>\Downloads You can always change it through browser setting. When selenium script downloads any file, it will also be downloaded in same default download directory. Note: If

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Frequently Asked Java Program 19: Java Program to Reverse Position of Words in a String

Problem statement: Write a Java program to reverse position of words in given string i.e. word at first position in string should be at last position in string. Input String: You are awesome Output String: awesome are You Solution: It is a very easy program. You just need understanding of splitting a string, array and

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Frequently Asked Java Program 18: Java Program to Reverse Every Word of a String

Hello Programmers, “Java Program to Reverse Every Word of a String” is frequently asked programming interview questions to freshers and experienced. I will try here to explain logic in simple steps so that you do not need to remember lines of code. Just implement the logic and you can code it.  Problem statement: Original string     

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