TestNG Tutorials 52: DataProvider in TestNG – Accessing DataProvider Methods From Another Class Test Class

Hello Guys, Now we have good understanding of DataProviders in TestNG from previous articles. If you have not read my previous posts on DataProvider, you can go through them below: Why do you need DataProvider? How does DataProvider work? DataProvider with 2D array You can notice in all previous posts that I kept DataProvider methods

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Frequently Asked Java Program 21: Java Program to Find & Print All Special Characters with Their Positions in a String

This programming interview question was asked in Yodlee.  Problem: Write a Java program to find and print all special characters with their positions in a user input string. Example: Input string: Make%Selenium$Easy# Output: % at position 5. $ at position 14. # at position 19. Total special characters found:3 Solution: We will use regex to

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