TestNG Tutorials 64: Dependency in TestNG – ignoreMissingDependencies – Another Way of Achieving Soft Dependencies

Hello Folks, There are two types of dependencies in TestNG: 1. Hard Dependency : All the methods you depend on must have run and succeeded for you to run. If at least one failure occurred in your dependencies, you will not be invoked and marked as a SKIP in the report. 2. Soft Dependency : You will always be

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API Testing Tutorial Part 14 – Installation of Postman Tool

Hello Folks, As part of our API Testing series, we will see “Installation of Postman Tool” in this post. Postman tool was introduced as an extension/app of Chrome browser. Postman chrome app can run only on chrome browser which was a critical limitation. And also Postman Chrome app had to download the Postman Interceptor Chrome extension in order

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TestNG Tutorials 63: Dependency in TestNG – Usage of Regular Expressions with DependsOnGroup

Hello Folks, We have learnt in previous posts regarding establishing relationship between test methods. You can go through them below: Dependency in TestNG – Creating Dependency Among Test Methods – DependsOnMethod Dependency in TestNG – Creating Dependency Among Test Methods – DependsOnGroup In this post, we will learn how can we use regular expressions with

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Frequently Asked Java Program 25: Java Program to Convert a String Sentence in Camel Case

“CamelCase” is a naming convention in which words are joined together without any whitespace in between and each word starts with a capital letter which increase readability. It is mostly used to name variables and methods in programming languages. Example: MakeSeleniumEasy Problem Statement: Input: make selenium easy Output: MakeSeleniumEasy Convert first character of each word

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Frequently Asked Java Program 24: Java Program to Capitalize First Character of Each Word in a String Sentence

Problem Statement: Input: make selenium easy Output: Make Selenium Easy Convert first character of each word into upper case. Solution: Logic: A sentence is a collection of words generally separated by a white space. We can extract words of given sentence using split method.  Now extract first character of first word and check if it

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Ways of Handling StaleElementReferenceException Without PageFactory

Hello Folks, Previously, I had published on Handling StaleElementReferenceException using PageFactory. But many people asked how to handle it if they do not use Page Factory design pattern. Understand StaleElementReferenceException through an image: You would have seen so many explanations of StaleElementReferenceException. I would like to explain in very simple words here. You mostly encounter StaleElementReferenceException when you

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How Much Java Required For Selenium?

“How much Java I need to learn for selenium with Java binding?” is mostly asked question by a Professional who wants to learn Selenium with Java. If you want to put a cap on knowledge, you will be always an average knowledgeable professional. Selenium with Java binding is a Java library which means it has

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