Selenium Interview Question 1- What is Selenium?

The best definition of Selenium I found at its official website. It says – Selenium Automates Browser. We can automation the flows of a web based application ( An application which runs inside a browser) using Selenium. Primarily it is used to automate testing process of a web application but you can use Selenium beyond

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API Testing Tutorial Part 19 – Difference Between ‘Accept’ and ‘Content-Type’ HTTP Headers

“Accept” and “Content-Type” are HTTP Headers which control input and output formats. “Accept” is a request header and “Content-Type” is both request and response header. Let’s see the difference between these headers: Accept: Let’s understand it using a real time example. We must have submitted final year projects in our college and there were a

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Integration of Apache POI Java Library in a Java Project – Direct Download & Using Maven or Gradle

Hello Guys, We have seen Introduction of Apache POI in previous post. In this post we will see below topics: Integration of apache POI libraries using Direct download Integration of apache POI libraries using Build automation tool Maven Integration of apache POI libraries using Build automation tool Gradle ( This we will see in a

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Introduction To Apache POI – The Java API To Read Write Microsoft Documents – Excel

Apache POI provides pure Java libraries for reading and writing files in Microsoft Office formats, such as Word, PowerPoint and Excel. It has different components for reading and writing different Microsoft Office files: POIFS for OLE 2 Documents HSSF and XSSF for Excel Documents HWPF and XWPF for Word Documents HSLF and XSLF for PowerPoint Documents HPSF for OLE 2 Document Properties HDGF

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TestNG Tutorials 69 : Rerun Failed Test Method Using IRetryAnalyzer Interface – Implementing With Listener – IAnnotationTransformer

Hello Folks, We have already learnt about IRetryAnalyzer interface in previous post. We know why we use it and how can we use it. From previous post, you know that we can pass implemented class of IRetryAnalyzer as an value to attribute named “retryAnalyzer” at @Test annotation. You need to add it each and every @Test annotation

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TestNG Tutorials 67 : Difference Between @Ignore & enabled Attribute of @Test Method in TestNG

Hello Folks, In last post, we have learnt about new annotation of TestNG , named @Ignore which is used to ignore @Test annotated methods at different levels i.e. Method, Class and Package. We have another attribute of Test annotation named “enabled” which is also used to serve the same purpose. So what are the differences

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TestNG Tutorials 65 – DataProvider in TestNG – All Possible Causes of Occurring Data Provider Mismatch Exception

Hello Folks, DataProvider is an awesome functionality provided by TestNG to achieve Data Driven Testing. You must have already seen many posts on DataProvider on my blog. If not, I will advise you to go through them. If you have used DataProvider in your tests, you must have encounter “Data provider mismatch” exception. I see

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