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TestNG Tutorials 65 : Dry Run Feature in TestNG

As a part of TestNG Tutorials, in this post we will see a new feature provided by TestNG called Dry run of test methods.

You may heard of the term “Dry Run” in Cucumber. If you want to check that every step in a feature file has its corresponding step definitions, we can run feature file with dryRun cucumber option.

Similar kind of feature is provided by TestNG now. If you want to see a list of the test methods that would be invoked on run without running them actually, you can use dry run feature. Remember it will give only @Test annotated methods not configuration methods like @BeforeXXXX and @AfterXXXX.

We will see an example so that it will be more clear to you:-


To run in dry run mode, we need to pass a JVM argument as -Dtestng.mode.dryrun=true

Go to Run configuration and select your project and pass argument as shown below:-

Now run and see output. You will see methods are called but was not run.

Let’s disable a test method and rerun:-

You can play around this feature with include and exclude groups. This feature is helpful to know if all your intended test methods will run or not.

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