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Understand Verification & Validation In Software Testing

Hello Folks, We testers are always confused with these two terms : Verification & Validation. I will try my best to explain these terms in simple words in this post. Verification and Validation are different testing activities which are performed during SDLC. We use both words interchangeably and think our all testing activities fall either […]

Black Box Testing and White Box Testing : : Everything You Need To Know

Hello Folks, In this post, we will see below topics: What is White box testing? What is Black box testing? What are differences between White box and Black box testing? There are many testing techniques which are broadly categorised into two: Static Testing and Dynamic Testing. Dynamic testing is again subdivided into two major categories: […]

Guidelines To Clear ISTQB Foundation Level Examination

Hello Folks, This is on-demand post. Many people asked me to provide guidelines to clear ISTQB foundation level certification exam. I appeared for ISTQB foundation examination in 2015 and cleared with 77% marks. I will share some guidelines which I followed. Here you go :- First register for the TEST: This is the first thing […]

Understand Severity And Priority Of A Defect In Software Testing

Hello Folks, In this post, we will see an important concept of manual testing which is also a frequently asked interview question for both freshers and experienced. We will understand below points: What do you understand by severity and priority of a defect? Differentiate between severity and priority. Types of severity and priority. Who decides […]

List Of Frequently Asked Manual Testing Interview Questions( 200+)….

Hello Professionals, I will post a list of frequently asked question on Manual testing in interviews. It will help for both freshers and experienced people. As of now, I will not post answers of questions but in coming days, I will. Define software testing. What are the types of software testing? What is in mind […]

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