Understand Verification & Validation In Software Testing

Hello Folks, We testers are always confused with these two terms : Verification & Validation. I will try my best to explain these terms in simple words in this post. Verification and Validation are different testing activities which are performed during SDLC. We use both words interchangeably and think our all testing activities fall either

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Guidelines To Clear ISTQB Foundation Level Examination

Hello Folks, This is on-demand post. Many people asked me to provide guidelines to clear ISTQB foundation level certification exam. I appeared for ISTQB foundation examination in 2015 and cleared with 77% marks. I will share some guidelines which I followed. Here you go :- First register for the TEST: This is the first thing

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Test Scenarios Vs. Test Cases in Software Testing

Hello Folks, In this post, we will learn in details about Test Scenarios and Test Coverage with proper examples. Test scenarios Test scenario is a moderate level of breakup of a business requirement in form of possible use cases to ensure more test coverage, to identify criticality of sub requirements which helps in finding critical

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Understand Defect Life Cycle In Testing

Hello Testers, Defect Life Cycle or Bug Life Cycle is an important concept in Software testing and both manual and automation tester must be aware about it. It is also frequently asked interview question. So let’s learn about this. A life cycle is a series of stages through which something passes during its lifetime i.e.

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