List Of Frequently Asked Manual Testing Interview Questions( 200+)….

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I will post a list of frequently asked question on Manual testing in interviews. It will help for both freshers and experienced people. As of now, I will not post answers of questions but in coming days, I will.

  1. Define software testing.
  2. What are the types of software testing?
  3. What is in mind while performing testing?
  4. Define manual testing.
  5. When do you start testing?
  6. When do you end testing?
  7. What is verification and validation?
  8. What is Branch Coverage and Decision Coverage?
  9. Define retesting.
  10. Define regression testing.
  11. What is difference between retesting and regression testing?
  12. What is functional testing?
  13. What is non functional testing?
  14. What is integration testing?
  15. What is system testing?
  16. What is module testing?
  17. What is system testing?
  18. What is end to end testing?
  19. What are differences between system and end-to-end testing?
  20. What are testing techniques?
  21. What are testing methodologies?
  22. What is boundary value analysis(BVA)? Explain with example.
  23. What is equivalence portioning(EA)? Explain with example.
  24. What is decision table testing?
  25. What is test case?
  26. What is test scenarios?
  27. Difference between test case and test scenarios.
  28. What is requirement traceability matrix.(RTM)?
  29. What is first step of start testing process?
  30. What is test plan?
  31. What is basic format of test plan?
  32. What is test objectives?
  33. What is basic format of writing test case?
  34. What is a bug?
  35. What is a defect?
  36. What is a fault?
  37. Difference among bug, defect and fault?
  38. What are must present fields while raising a defect?
  39. What is steps to reproduce while logging a defect?
  40. What is defect life cycle?
  41. What is defect tracking tools?
  42. What is severity and priority of bug?
  43. Example of high severity and high priority.
  44. Example of low severity and low priority.
  45. Example of high severity and low priority.
  46. Example of low severity and high priority.
  47. Who decides priority of bug?
  48. Who decides severity of bug?
  49. What is bug leakage?
  50. What is bug release?
  51. What are differences between bug leakage and release?
  52. Define alpha testing and beta testing. Say me differences between alpha testing and beta testing?
  53. What is build?
  54. What is software development life cycle(SDLC)?
  55. What is software testing life cycle(STLC)?
  56. In which phase of SDLC, your works starts?
  57. What is monkey testing?
  58. Explain test driver and test stub with examples?
  59. What is use case?
  60. What is test strategy and who prepares it?
  61. What is test execution plan?
  62. What is Error guessing and Error seeding?
  63. What is compatibility testing?
  64. What is localization and global testing?
  65. What is mobile responsiveness testing?
  66. What is statement coverage?
  67. What is branch coverage?
  68. What is static testing?
  69. What is dynamic testing?
  70. What is user acceptance testing?
  71. What is testing environment?
  72. How do you ensure if something is a bug?
  73. What is white box testing?
  74. What is black box testing?
  75. What is exploratory testing?
  76. What is SRS and BRS document?
  77. Explain Validation and verification model.
  78. What is Concurrency Testing?
  79. What are entry and exit criteria of testing?
  80. What is the difference between Functional Requirement and Non-Functional Requirement?
  81. Are severity and priority are related to each other. If yes, how?
  82. What is Concurrency Testing?
  83. What is priority of test case? How it is decided?
  84. What is root cause analysis?
  85. What do you understand by risk?
  86. What is called user interface testing?
  87. What is called user experience testing?
  88. What is AUT(Application under test)?
  89. What is Ad-hoc testing?
  90. What is the difference between Software Testing and Quality Assurance (QA)?
  91. How to Test the water bottle?
  92. How to test Google search engine?
  93. Write test cases on pen.
  94. Write test cases on ATM.
  95. Write test cases of Lift.
  96. How test result is made?
  97. What is test conditions?
  98. What is smoke testing?
  99. What is sanity testing?
  100. Difference between smoke and sanity?
  101. What do you mean by Pilot Testing?
  102. What is exact difference between Debugging & Testing?
  103. What is GAP ANALYSIS?
  104. How you deal if requirement is not clear?
  105. How you estimate time for testing?
  106. Why Testing is Necessary?
  107. What is test deliverable?
  108. What is Agile Testing?
  109. What are agile methods?
  110. How you will decide which SDLC model is perfect for your AUT?
  111. What is test suite?
  112. What is top bottom approach?
  113. What is bottom top approach?
  114. What are the challenges you face in manual testing?
  115. Why is testing required?
  116. What is a test bed?
  117. What is defect density?
  118. What is a blocker defect?
  119.  What is state transition testing?
  120. What is a test harness? Why do we need a test harness?
  121.  How is monkey testing different from adhoc testing?
  122. Difference between positive and negative testing?
  123. What is scrum?
  124. What is sprint cycle?
  125. Why testers are needed when developers can do the same task?
  126. What is Independent Testing and its benefits?
  127. Why test case review is important? Who does it?
  128. What are different test levels?
  129. What is Latent defect?
  130. What is look and feel testing?
  131. Difference between use case and test case?
  132. How do you test the login feature of a web application?
  133. What are types of application?
  134. How to test a web based application?
  135. How to test a standalone application?
  136. How to test payment gateway?
  137. How to test an eCommerce application?
  138. You have been given 100 test case. How you will start when you have given no time limit.
  139. You have been given 100 test case. How you will start when you have given time limit.
  140. How to check if build is testable?
  141. What is gray box testing?
  142. What is the difference between white box, black box, and gray box testing?
  143. How you sign-off testing process?
  144. What is Testware?
  145. What is the difference between build and release?
  146. How can you do effective testing in less time?
  147. What is confirmation testing?
  148. How many test case you can write in a day?
  149. How many test case you can execute in a day?
  150. How you will decide you have enough number of test cases?
  151. What should be mindset of a tester?
  152. How you decide test cases for regression suite?
  153. How you decide test case for smoke test suite?
  154. How you decide test case for sanity test suite?
  155. What is change request?
  156. Developer rejects your bug. How will you approach?
  157. What is a Deferred Defect ?
  158. How do you ensure 100 % requirement coverage while Execution?
  159. What are the things you consider when you are reviewing test cases?
  160. What are base documents to write the test cases?
  161. What is meant by defect triage calls?
  162. You have been given a new project. How you will start?
  163. How to ensure your test cases are good test cases?
  164. What is SLA?
  165. What is test closure report?
  166. Write test case on water bottle.
  167. Why does software have bugs?
  168. What should you do after finding a bug?
  169. What are the attributes of a good software QA engineer?
  170. You are testing a functionality which sometimes passes and sometimes fails. How you will report it?
  171. You find existing testing process is not up to mark in your current organisation. How you will approach to your manager to bring changes?
  172. What is importance of test plan?
  173. If you have ‘n’ requirements and you have less time how do you prioritize the requirements?
  174. What all types of testing you could perform on a web based application?
  175. What all types of testing you could perform on a stand alone application?
  176. How do you find the regression scenarios if a defect is fixed?
  177. What are two of your strengths that you will bring to our QA/testing team?
  178. What do you like most about Quality Assurance/Testing?
  179. What do you like least about Quality Assurance/Testing?
  180. Will manual testing end in future?
  181. Do you support automated testing? Why?
  182. When is a good time for system testing?
  183. What are goals of manual testing?
  184. What is bidirectional traceability?
  185. What is test server?
  186. Clients found a bug in nodule which you were tested. How you will handle this situation?
  187. Why test data is important?
  188. What is cross browser testing?
  189. What is data driven testing?
  190. What is the difference between Project Based Testing and Product Based Testing?
  191. What is the difference between Testing Methodology and Testing methods?
  192. What are the documents required to prepare test plan?
  193. How domain knowledge helps in manual testing?
  194. Tell me about the daily activities as a test engineer?
  195. Disadvantages of manual testing?
  196. What is build duration?
  197. How can you report the defect using excel sheet?
  198. If you have executed 100 test cases ,every test case passed but apart from these test case you found some defect for which test case is not prepared, them how you can report the bug?
  199.  If a bug has high severity then usually that is treated as high priority, then why do priority given by test engineers/project managers and severity given by testers?
  200. How would you say that a bug is 100% fixed?
  201. What are the different types of bugs we normally see in any of the project?
  202. What is a difference between a Defect and an enhancement?
  203. If we found the bug in SRS or FRS, how to categorize that bug?


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  1. What are the different types of bugs we normally see in any of the project?
    Please do answer.

  2. good one.. can you provide answers as well. just to add to your list…

    . how do you make tests reliable?
    . how you prepare test data and what issues faced during test data management..
    . what role of qa tester in test environment setup

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