TestNG Tutorials 32: Customizing TestNG xml For Methods Belong to Multiple Group Names

Hello Folks, In last post, we learnt about Multiple groups names foe test and configuration methods. When we assign a method to multiple groups, you find difficulties when you want to run methods belong to only particular groups or to only some groups. For example: Suppose There are three methods M1 ( belongs to G1),

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Why Do We Require Browser Driver Executable File To Launch A Browser In Selenium WebDriver?

Hello Folks, It is very frequently asked interview question. Interviewer expects that you should be aware about internal logic of selenium. We know that to launch a browser through Selenium we need to download a browser driver executable file (chromedriver.exe, geckodriver.exe etc). Why do we require that? Let me relate it with a real time

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What will happen if we pass NULL as argument in sendKeys() method Of Selenium WebDriver

Hello Guys, We will learn a small topic which is also an interview question in this post. What will happen if we pass NULL as argument in sendKeys() method? Above question has two answers based on how you are passing null values to sendKeys method. Way 1: Passing null directly to sendKeys method as sendKeys(null). 

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Creating Object Repository In Selenium WebDriver Without Using Any External Data Source

Hello Folks, We have seen Page Object Model In Selenium. In this post, I will explain a way ( Mostly what I have seen in many selenium frameworks) to design a proper page object model. It is also asked in interview that if  you have implemented encapsulation and abstraction in selenium framework. This post might

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How To Establish Relationship Between Pages In Page Object Model In Selenium WebDriver

Hello Folks, In interview it is frequently asked question that “How To Establish Relationship Between Pages In Page Object Model In Selenium WebDriver”. It is very simple question but generally interviewee confuses. I will explain in a simple way in this post. What is establishing relations between pages? Suppose you have two pages, Page A

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Part 5: Waits In Selenium: What Happens When We Mix Sleep With Other Types Of Waits ?

Hello Folks, In this post we will learn about behavior of webdriver when we mix waits together. There are four types of waits in Selenium Webdriver. Those are: Thread.sleep() Implicit wait Explicit wait (It is also called as webdriver wait.) Fluent wait. (It is also called as webdriver wait. Every wait has its own significance

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How to handle StaleElementReferenceException Through Page Object Model(POM)

Hello Folks, This is on demand post. Many people asked me how to handle¬†StaleElementReferenceException through Page Object Model(POM). So thought of writing a simple post on it. I am trying to automate below steps: Load URL “https://github.com/login”. Type wrong username. Type wrong password. Click on submit. Type correct username. Type correct password. Click on submit.

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