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Recently this question was asked in interview to a candidate:

We switch back to main window or default content after switching to a new window or frame, but not in case of Alert even we are switching to it.

When we switch to a new window or frame, actually we jump to another DOM. A new window is also a DOM and a frame is also a DOM inside a DOM. This is the reason, when we switch to them using selenium methods, it returns a WebDriver. When work is done in new DOM, we need to switch back to parent window.

In case of alert, ( JavaScript alert) is not a new DOM. When we switch to an alert, it returns a reference of type “Alert”. You perform desire action and proceed further without switching back as it is not required.

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6 thoughts on “Selenium Interview Questions: Why Do Not We Switch Back To Driver After Handling An Alert

    1. Hi Ankit,

      It says about return type when we do driver.switchTo().window(“windowHandle”). It returns a WebDriver reference.


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