Selenium Framework 3: Types Of Selenium Frameworks

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We are aware of what is framework and its properties from previous posts. If you have not read yet, please do read before continuing this post.

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First of all framework has no fixed architecture or layout. Every programmer thinks in different ways and programmer can develop framework by keeping characteristics of a good framework in mind. Two programmers can develop same type of frameworks using different lines of code serving same purpose.

Any Framework can be categorized in to different types depends on the ways it is created and serve the different purposes. In Selenium, framework is also categorized in different types which we will see in this post.

Before learning about types of selenium frameworks, I would like to explain how framework is categorized.

There are three base components of any framework which are below:

  1. Functionality : What you want to perform?
  2. Code : How you want to perform?
  3. Data : What you want to use to perform?

How you organised above base components, is actually framework types. Let’s learn types of selenium framework now:

  1. Linear Framework
  2. Modular Framework or Module Driven Framework
  3. Methods Driven Framework or Library Architecture Framework
  4. Data driven Framework
  5. Keyword Driven Framework
  6. Hybrid Driven Framework

Many people say “Behavioral Driven Development (BDD) is also a selenium framework but as per my knowledge it is not a selenium framework. Yes, BDD is a test design pattern as Page Object Model (POM) and BDD scripts need extra setup and configurations. You can develop a hybrid framework which will support BDD scripting.

We will see each types of framework in details with advantages and disadvantages in upcoming posts.

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