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Selenium Framework 1- Framework- What, Why and How

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“Framework” is a word to which many people are afraid. People know all concept of Selenium but still very afraid of framework word. Framework is the easiest topic in selenium if we have clear basics. Stick with my posts, you will find it easy.

Do you know that you see and use so many types of frameworks in daily life. See below scenarios:

Scenario 1: When some one gets injured, we give them first aid. We use a kit called “First Aid Kit”. This first aid kit contains sticky tape, antiseptic cream, painkillers , tweezers, scissors, bandage etc. These all items are related to medical and kept in a box. You can find every individual items separately but first aid box organised all them in one place. Can we use this box for any injured person for first aid. Yes, we can. Can we say this first aid kit is “Reusable” and “Organised“? Note the terms here : Reusable and Organised.

Scenario 2: Now a days, everyone uses mobile. When you face any network issue or any help you need from service provider, you call to their customer care. Everyone can have different types of queries. Service provider representative will pickup each and everyone’s call and will solve their problems or they need to transfer call to appropriate representative. It may take less or more time varying based on customer’s query. Company needs to hire more people to serve them which costs more. Now there is a company named “Cisco” who developed something called Interactive voice response (IVR). When you call to customer care, you heard Interactive voice response (IVR). You go step by step and option by option. It helps in automatic solution of your problems, automatic transfer to appropriate representative. Company needs not to hire more people to sever customers. Cisco sells this IVR to different companies and modify and customize as per their requirement.  Can we say IVR is Reusable, Manageable, Understandable, Scalable and Cost reducer? 

Scenario 3: You are doing some survey on Human behaviors. and you want people’s reviews. You invite 50 people and ask them to write about Human behaviors on a white paper and provide personal details. When you read them, you find maximum points written by them are of no use and personal details are also not proper. Actually people didn’t know what types of points you are looking for. Some people didn’t write full name, age, gender etc. Now you make a form where you write all field names related to personal details and some questions answers related to human behavior and distributed same form to all people. This time you get all details properly and data for research. We can say now every one followed some similar rules, standard and clear flow.

In above scenarios, First aid kit, IVR and survey forms are frameworks. A framework is something which should contain below properties:

  1. Reusable
  2. Organised
  3. Manageable
  4. Understandable
  5. Scalable 
  6. Cost effective
  7. Rules
  8. Standard

From above examples, you can easily figured out why do you need a framework and what is actually a framework. Frameworks makes your life easy.

More on Frameworks in upcoming posts.

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