How To Establish Relationship Between Pages In Page Object Model In Selenium WebDriver

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In interview it is frequently asked question that “How To Establish Relationship Between Pages In Page Object Model In Selenium WebDriver”. It is very simple question but generally interviewee confuses. I will explain in a simple way in this post.

What is establishing relations between pages?

Suppose you have two pages, Page A and Page B. When you click on some web element on Page A, it navigates to Page B. So you should create method in such a way that after clicking on web element, it gives you control on Page B. User should not create an object of Page B to access members of Page B.

For example:

Take example of DemoQA . In home page it has a link “Registration”. When user clicks on it, user navigates to Registration page. So, you should create a method say “clickOnRegistrationLink” and set a return type as object of Registration page. It is called establishing relationship between pages.

Java Program:

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