API Testing Tutorial Part 36-Set, Get and Unset Global & Environment Variables in Postman Scripts

We have seen creating environment and global variables manually. You can refer them here:- Understand Environment & Variables in Postman Create, Manage and Use Environment In Postman Create, Manage and Use Global Variable In Postman In above ways, manually we need to add variables with value. Sometimes we may need to update or add variables […]

XPath Method- string-length() – Usage in Locating Element

Hello Guys, I am going to explain the usage of a method named string-length() from XPath 1.0. This method is very useful to write advanced and dynamic locators. XPath 1.0 provides an overloaded method named string-length():- string-length(string) – returns length of given string string-length() – returns the length of the string specified by the context […]

Learn Selenium With Quiz – Basic Level 8 – CSS Selector

As a part of a Series of posts on Learn Selenium With Quiz, This set contains questions from CSS Selector concepts in Selenium WebDriver. I will suggest you to go through below link before taking up quiz: CSS Selector in Selenium WebDriver Quiz will be auto submitted once you answer all question. If you find this […]

Protractor Vs Selenium

Protractor and Selenium both are used to automate front end of web based applications. Generally most of the people are well aware of Selenium ( Java and Python bindings) and afraid of choosing any other tool on top of Selenium. I will compare Selenium and Protractor in this post, which will help you to decide […]

Selenium Interview Question 7 – How to Select Last Five Checkboxes

This question was recently asked in a Selenium group on Facebook. Generally these types of question are asked frequently in Selenium. Select last N elements or only odd elements or only even elements or second last elements etc. Answer of all questions will be originated from same point. In this post, I will explain selecting […]

Protractor Tutorial 8 – NPM – Updating Global and Local Package

Hello Folks, In last post we have seen how can we install NodeJS package locally and globally. In this post we will learn:- How to check if a package is outdated? How to update locally installed package? How to update globally installed package? Check for outdated package:- Before checking for the outdated package, let’s install […]

Frequently Asked Java Programs: 34 – Java Program to Check if Two Strings are Anagram

Hello Folks, As part of Frequently Asked Java Programs In Interviews For Freshers And Experienced, in this post we will see a java program to check if two given strings are anagram. What are Anagrams strings? Two words are called Anagrams if they have the same characters with same number of occurance. For example:- SILENT and […]

Frequently Asked Java Programs: 33 – Insert a String into Another String at given index

Hello Folks, As part of Frequently Asked Java Programs In Interviews For Freshers And Experienced, in this post we will see a java program to Insert a String into Another String at given index. Problem Statement:- String s1 = MakeEasy String s2= Selenium indexToInsertS2= 4 Insert s2 in to s1 at index 4th. So s1 should […]

Selenium Framework 5: Understand Keyword Driven Framework in Selenium

A “Keyword” is a wrapper of an atomic action or a chain of actions to achieve a task. These keywords are reusable and building blocks of writing a flow. It shows abstraction concept of OOPS. It is callable. Mostly “Keyword” will be a method. Let’s understand it considering a real time scenario:- You need to […]

Features of Selenium 4.0.0 Release – Java Binding

An alpha version of Selenium is released as 4.0.0-alpha-1. As we were expecting a big changes in Selenium 4 it is not like that. An alpha release is a release when the feature which you are developing is incomplete or partially complete. So when you are trying below features, may or may not work properly. […]

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