Month: March 2019

Postman Tutorial Part 17 – Creating a Collection In Postman

This post will cover below topics:- How to create a collection in Postman? In how many ways, we can create a collection in Postman? How to make a collection as Favourite in Postman? How to save a request in Postman? In how many ways, we can save a request in Postman? Creating a Collection in […]

Postman Tutorial Part 16 – Introduction To Collections In Postman

Hello Folks, If you are a software developer or tester, you must be aware of different test suites. E,g, Smoke, Sanity , Regression etc. A test suite is a group of multiple tests based on some factors. Factors might be based on functionality, priority etc. The similar concept is in Postman which is called as […]

Postman Tutorial Part 15 – Adding Automation Test Scripts In Postman

Hello Folks, When we hit any API, we get some response along with status code, response time, headers etc. As of now we have verified it manually. Will it not be good if these assertion which we do manually should be auto performed once request is hit? A kind of automation testing of API. Consider […]

Postman Tutorial Part 14 – Create, Manage and Use Global Variable In Postman

Hello folks, We have already seen creating, managing and using environment variables in Postman. We can select only single environment at a time in Postman and can use variables of that selected environment. We may have some variables which are common to each environment. It is not good practice to keep a separate copy of […]

Postman Tutorial Part 13 – Create, Manage and Use Environment In Postman

In last post, We have already seen about Understanding on Environment and Global variables. In this post we will see how can we create and access an Environment in Postman. An Environment in Postman is a set of key-value pairs. The key represents the name of the variable and value is information that key holds. […]

Missing Firebug? ‘Rūto’ is On The Way ==>

Firebug was an open source firefox browser extension which was generally used by front end automation tester to get Css and XPath easily of a Web element. But firebug has been deprecated. Wiki page of firebug says:- Firebug has been deprecated in favor of the integrated developer tools added to Firefox itself, whose functionality has […]

50 Selenium WebDriver Interview Questions : – Ask These Yourself Before Attending Interview

Below questions are for professional who have working experience in Selenium WebDriver. You must ask these questions yourself and answer. Time has gone when how to click or how to type questions were asked. Prepare well above questions and attend interviews with confidence. Why did you select Selenium WebDriver for front end automation of your […]

Postman Tutorial Part 12 – Understand Environment & Variables in Postman

Let’s start with Variables first:- A variable is a container which holds information that could be changed. If you have basic programming knowledge, you must have used variables in your programs. Suppose you are developing a banking application. There are some values which will be used throughout the application or some values unique to a […]

Selenium Interview Question 5 – How To Retrieve Title of a Webpage Without Using getTitle() Method

Verifying page title is basic step before proceeding for further validation. Generally we use getTitle() method which gives title of currently loaded page in browser.  There is also an another way of retrieving title of a web page. Title of webpage is stored in “title” tag under “head” tag. We can locate “title” web element […]

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