Missing Firebug? ‘Rūto’ is On The Way ==>

Firebug was an open source firefox browser extension which was generally used by front end automation tester to get Css and XPath easily of a Web element. But firebug has been deprecated. Wiki page of firebug says:-
Firebug has been deprecated in favor of the integrated developer tools added to Firefox itself, whose functionality has been unified with those of Firebug. As Firefox 57 no longer supports XUL add-ons, Firebug is no longer compatible.

Deprecation of firebug became problem as you need to find locator of a web element manually which may be time taking as well. It becomes worse if you are not good in finding locators manually.

But don’t worry. A better tool is coming to solve your problem. Its name is Rūto.

About Rūto :

  • Rūto a product of TestLeaf company which is developed by Koushik Chatterjee .
  • Rūto means Root or Route in Japanese.
  • Rūto assist to identify the selector from HTML DOM like id, name, xpath especially XPath in 20+ different patterns as of today, without opening in Inspect view.
  • Currently supporting Google Chrome only.
  • That makes your test automation life lot more easier


  •  XPath based on attribute and attribute with collections.
  • Text based XPath which includes Exact text match , partial text match and starts-with text.
  • Identify id if it’s unique in the DOM
  • Identify linkText if its unique
  • Build selector including 20+ XPath patterns
  • Rank XPath pattern based on element selection
  • Allow you to copy the XPath of your choice to IDE

See below video to understand how easily you can use Ruto:

Rūto Roadmap – 2019:

  • Configure options to include/exclude the patterns
  • Support for other browsers
  • AI algorithm to choose your XPath based on stability.

Github link: 


Ruto is expected to be released this month. More posts on its usage will be published on this blog, once it is released.

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6 thoughts on “Missing Firebug? ‘Rūto’ is On The Way ==>

  1. Thanks for this share Amod where do you find such awesome information

    Looks awesome and really helpful. It would be great if you can provide some shortcut to open the xpath so the person need not to click on the icon of the logo and once we click add to ruto it by default opens Ruto

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