50 Selenium WebDriver Interview Questions : – Ask These Yourself Before Attending Interview

Below questions are for professional who have working experience in Selenium WebDriver. You must ask these questions yourself and answer.

Time has gone when how to click or how to type questions were asked. Prepare well above questions and attend interviews with confidence.

  1. Why did you select Selenium WebDriver for front end automation of your application? OR What factors you will take into consideration before deciding a tool to automate front end of your application?
  2. How Selenium WebDriver works? OR What is architecture of Selenium WebDriver? OR Why do we require browser drivers?
  3. What are the limitations of Selenium WebDriver?
  4. How you will setup a Selenium WebDriver project from scratch?
  5. Explain hierarchy of Classes and interfaces in Selenium WebDriver.
  6. Which type of Selenium WebDriver framework you used for your application and how did you choose that?
  7. What problem you faced during automation?
  8. How do you handle dynamic web elements in Selenium WebDriver?
  9. How do you handle a Web table in selenium webdriver?
  10. What are locators available in selenium webdriver and which is best to use?
  11. What are differences between xpath and css selector?
  12. What are the methods of xpath you can use in Selenium WebDriver?
  13. What are the methods of css selector you can use in Selenium WebDriver?
  14. What is Page Object Model(POM) and how do you achieve it?
  15. What are the advantages and disadvantages of Page Object Model?
  16. How PageFactory helps you in achieving Page Object Model design?
  17. How did you take screenshot? Have you faced any problem while taking screenshot?
  18. How do you handle calendar in Selenium WebDriver? What are the challenges you may face in handling calendars?
  19. What is difference between getText(), getAttribute() and getCssValue() methods in Selenium WebDriver?
  20. What is use of Select class of Selenium WebDriver? What are its limitations?
  21. List out exceptions you have encountered in Selenium. Explain scenarios in which you face it.
  22. What is difference between findElement() and findElements()?
  23. In how many ways you can check non-existence of a web element on a page?
  24. What are the types of waits available in Selenium WebDriver? Explain usage of each type of waits with scenarios.
  25. What is an Alert? How do you identify and handle it?
  26. When you click on a link, 10 child windows are opened. You need to switch to a window which has a specific element. How you will switch?
  27. How do you find total frames available in a page?
  28. List out methods of Actions class with usage.
  29. Which testing framework you used with Selenium webDriver? Why do you need it?
  30. What are the annotations available in TestNG? Explains their usage and hierarchy.
  31. What is DataProvider in TestNG and when and how to use?
  32. What are the retry mechanism available in TestNG?
  33. How do you organise your tests in TestNG?
  34. How did you integrate Cucumber with Selenium WebDriver? What is its advantages?
  35. Which reporting tool you used?
  36. Explain flow of your framework from scratch.
  37. How do you find all clickable links in a page?
  38. How did you achieve parallel testing in Selenium WebDriver?
  39. Which library you used to read data from excel in Selenium WebDriver scripts?
  40. What are the usage of JavascriptExecutorin Selenium WebDriver?
  41. How can you reduce test script execution duration?
  42. What are listeners in Selenium WebDriver? How do you use it?
  43. What are TestNG listeners?
  44. What is selenium grid?
  45. How did you achieve cross browser testing in Selenium WebDriver?
  46. How did you run your script in Jenkins? Explain for both Maven and Non-maven project?
  47. Why do we need Maven? What are the advantages?
  48. What are the points you consider to make your script stable?
  49. How did you report a bug found by Selenium scripts?
  50. Which version control tool you used? What are its usage?

I will try to post answer of each question above slowly in later posts.


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