Postman Tutorial Part 16 – Introduction To Collections In Postman

Hello Folks,

If you are a software developer or tester, you must be aware of different test suites. E,g, Smoke, Sanity , Regression etc. A test suite is a group of multiple tests based on some factors. Factors might be based on functionality, priority etc.

The similar concept is in Postman which is called as “Collections”. A Postman collection allows you to group individual pre-built requests together. You can even group by creating folders in a Collection.

Advantages of Collections in Postman:-

Collections advantages is not limited to just Grouping of requests. In fact it’s much more than this. Have a look at below points:-

  1. Categorisation of requests
  2. Building Test Suites
  3. Run individual request /folder/collections
  4. Result repository
  5. Running tests in different environments
  6. Passing data among requests
  7. Achieving data driven testing
  8. API documentation.
  9. Sharing APIs as Collections
  10. Easy import and export of APIs
  11. Managing APIs. Adding, removing or updating APIs
  12. Reporting using newman
  13. Jenkins integration using newman

More about API Testing in upcoming posts. Stay tuned.

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