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Selenium Interview Question 7 – How to Select Last Five Checkboxes

This question was recently asked in a Selenium group on Facebook. Generally these types of question are asked frequently in Selenium. Select last N elements or only odd elements or only even elements or second last elements etc. Answer of all questions will be originated from same point. In this post, I will explain selecting […]

50 Selenium WebDriver Interview Questions : – Ask These Yourself Before Attending Interview

Below questions are for professional who have working experience in Selenium WebDriver. You must ask these questions yourself and answer. Time has gone when how to click or how to type questions were asked. Prepare well above questions and attend interviews with confidence. Why did you select Selenium WebDriver for front end automation of your […]

Selenium Interview Question 5 – How To Retrieve Title of a Webpage Without Using getTitle() Method

Verifying page title is basic step before proceeding for further validation. Generally we use getTitle() method which gives title of currently loaded page in browser.  There is also an another way of retrieving title of a web page. Title of webpage is stored in “title” tag under “head” tag. We can locate “title” web element […]

Learn Selenium With Quiz – Basic Level 4

As a part of a Series of posts on Learn Selenium With Quiz, This set contains questions from implicit wait concepts in Selenium WebDriver. I will suggest you to go through below links before taking up quiz: Using sleep() in Selenium WebDriver Using implicit wait in Selenium WebDriver Now, take up the quiz below:

Learn Selenium With Quiz – Basic Level 3

As a part of a Series of posts on Learn Selenium With Quiz, This set contains very basic questions which people generally confuse with. I will suggest you to read below post before taking this quiz: Hierarchy of Classes and Interfaces in Selenium WebDriver Now take the quiz here:

Selenium Interview Question 4 – Difference Between @FindBy and findElement() Method in Selenium WebDriver

We can locate web element/s on a webpage using both FindBy and findElement() or findElements(). Primary purpose of both ways is same but the way it is done, is different. Below are the differences between FindBy and findElement in Selenium WebDriver: FindBy is an annotation while findElement and findElements are methods. Remember FindBy is provided […]

Selenium Interview Question 3 – Difference Between get() and navigate() Methods of Selenium WebDriver

This is the mostly asked interview question and confusing too for Selenium testers. People generally differentiate get() and navigate() methods as below: get() method holds or waits till page is loaded while navigate() does not. Above statement is NOT CORRECT. Referring official document of Selenium is always good to learn valid points. It says get() […]

Selenium Interview Question 2 – Can Selenium Be Used For API Automation?

Selenium official website introduce Selenium as “Selenium automates browsers. “. A browser is an interface or abstraction between “How it looks?” (Front end of an application) and “How something is actually performed?” (Middleware and backend of an application). Selenium is for “How it looks?” part of an application only. Selenium is designed to automate front […]

Selenium Interview Question 1- What is Selenium?

The best definition of Selenium I found at its official website. It says – Selenium Automates Browser. We can automation the flows of a web based application ( An application which runs inside a browser) using Selenium. Primarily it is used to automate testing process of a web application but you can use Selenium beyond […]

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