Learn Selenium With Quiz – Basic Level 3

As a part of a Series of posts on Learn Selenium With Quiz, This set contains very basic questions which people generally confuse with. I will suggest you to read below post before taking this quiz:

Hierarchy of Classes and Interfaces in Selenium WebDriver

Now take the quiz here:

[qsm quiz=3]

1 thought on “Learn Selenium With Quiz – Basic Level 3

  1. Could you pls clarify this one:- what an amazing blog bro. God bless you.

    ChromeDriver cd1= new ChromeDriver();
    ChromeDriver cd2= new ChromeDriver();

    Answer Provided: CTE

    Correct Answer: 1

    Correct Answer explanation: “quit()” method closed all the associated browsers opened by driver reference on which it is called. So it will close browsers opened by cd1 only.

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