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Learn Selenium With Quiz – Basic Level 4

As a part of a Series of posts on Learn Selenium With Quiz, This set contains questions from implicit wait concepts in Selenium WebDriver. I will suggest you to go through below links before taking up quiz:

Using sleep() in Selenium WebDriver

Using implicit wait in Selenium WebDriver

Now, take up the quiz below:

Welcome to your Learn Selenium With Quiz – Basic Level 4

1. Which wait below is not provided by Selenium WebDriver APIs?
2. What is default wait time for implicit wait in Selenium WebDriver?
3. Which statement is not correct about Implicit Wait in Selenium WebDriver?
4. Which exception will be thrown by implicit wait when element is not found within wait time?
5. Suppose you have set implicit wait time as 30 seconds and element is found within 10 seconds. Will WebDriver wait for further 20 seconds before executing next line in code?
6. What will be time out below?

driver.findElement(By.xpath("some WRONG xpath");
driver.manage().timeouts().implicitlyWait(30, TimeUnit.SECONDS);
7. What will be the final timeout below?

driver.findElement("Some wrong id"));
8. Which is not correct statement to set implicit wait in Selenium WebDriver?
9. Which timeout below sets the amount of time to wait for a page load to complete before throwing an error?
10. What is purpose of setScriptTimeout in Selenium WebDriver?

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