Selenium Interview Question 1- What is Selenium?

The best definition of Selenium I found at its official website. It says – Selenium Automates Browser. We can automation the flows of a web based application ( An application which runs inside a browser) using Selenium. Primarily it is used to automate testing process of a web application but you can use Selenium beyond it. You can automate repetitive tasks you perform on a website. E.g. Generating a report from menu.

Selenium is a set of tools which are given below:

  1. Selenium IDE (Integrated Development Environment)
  2. Selenium 1 ( Remote Control (RC))
  3. Selenium 2 ( Selenium WebDriver)
  4. Selenium Grid

Selenium supports many browser (Chrome, Firefox, IE , Edge, Safari etc), platforms(Windows, Mac, Linux) and programming languages ( Java, JavaScript, Python, PHP, Ruby etc.).

1 thought on “Selenium Interview Question 1- What is Selenium?

  1. With addition the Amod explaination which elaborates definition of selenium,a interviewer always expects the best key points. As all everybody knows selenium is an automation tool, same old definition will bore the interviewer. Lets put it simple terms which where the definition captures every key points.

    Definition : Selenium is an open source web automation tool, which aint a single tool but a collection/suite of tools that helps in automating web application. Suite of tools consists of
    1>Selenium IDE
    2>Selenium Webdriver
    3>Selenium Grid
    4>Selinium RC
    5>Selenium Webdriver

    Just a summarized version of ur definition.. Lets not forget to mention “open Source”.

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