Year: 2019

Facts, Misconception & Myths About Selenium WebDriver

In this post, we will see some facts,misconceptions and myths about Selenium WebDriver which you may be keep encountering around:- You can become an Automation Tester after learning Selenium only. – Hmm, not true. If you want to work on Selenium-Python, first learn Selenium-Java. It is absolutely not like that. “Selenium” is neither the entry […]

Postman Tutorial Part 30 -Postman Sandbox API reference – Global functions (pm.*) – Object

We can write scripts in Pre-request and Tests sections of a request in Postman. These scripts are run in a JavaScript execution environment called Postman Sandbox. Postman Sandbox environment contains many APIs which makes it easier to write scripts for requests in Postman. pm : Object Postman sandbox has a global function called “pm”. This […]

Postman Tutorial Part 28- Building Workflow in Postman Using Collection Runner – New Feature of Postman

Hello Folks, We have already learnt about the Building Workflows in Collection Runner Using setNextRequest() in Postman in previous post. But sometimes you may need to decide the workflow just before running or you may need to skip requests in Collection Runner just before running. Postman has implemented new Collection Runner that gives you the […]

API Testing Tutorial Part 39 – Building Workflows in Collection Runner Using setNextRequest() in Postman

Hello Folks, We already know that “A Postman collection allows you to group individual pre-built requests together. You can even group by creating folders in a Collection“. Read more about collection here. Suppose you have 10 requests in a Collection. When you run this collection using Collection Runner, you will see execution of requests happens […]

Rest Assured Tutorial 1 – Introduction to Rest Assured

Demand of API Testing is increasing day by day as it helps in finding bugs early in Software development life cycle and prevents major bugs at later stages. We can perform API Testing manually and programatically i.e. Automation. We have covered Manual API Testing using Postman. Now it’s time to learn about API Testing Automation […]

XPath Method – string() – Usage in Locating Element- How it is Different From text()

Hello Folks, In this post we are going to learn below topics:- What is string() method in XPath? What is difference between string() and text() in XPath? Usage of string() in XPath. What is string() method in XPath? Before learning about we will understand a term “TextNode“. We can insert text in DOM as a […]

API Testing Tutorial Part 38 – Using Environment in Collection Runner

We have seen about Collection Runner in last post. In this post we will see how can we select environment in a Collection Runner. When we are not using Collection Runner, we select desired environment in drop down at right top corner. Collection runner also provides you a drop down to select environment. This dropdown […]

API Testing Tutorial Part 37- Collection Runner in Postman

Hello Guys, We have already seen two basic posts about:- Introduction to Collection Creating a collection in Postman In this post, we will see How to run a Collection in Postman. You can relate a Postman Collection as a test suite for functional, regression or smoke. You may want to run all tests in a […]

Selenium Interview Question 8 – What is Difference between WebDriver click and JavaScript click methods

In this post we will see another frequently asked interview question:- Difference between WebDriver click() and JavaScript click() method in Selenium. We can perform click on a web element of a web page in two ways:- Using WebDriver click – Using JavaScript click –((JavascriptExecutor)driver).executeScript(“arguments[0].click()”, element); ( Note- driver is a WebDriver instance.) So question […]

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