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Postman Tutorial Part 31 – URI Path Variables in Postman

End points or URI may not be constant always. For example:- If you want to retrieve a booking details, you need to pass booking id in URI as below:- https://restful-booker.herokuapp.com/booking/1 https://restful-booker.herokuapp.com/booking/2 In above URI, 1 and 2 are booking ids and those are not constant. This makes above URI dynamic. You should have a way […]

Postman Tutorial Part 28- Building Workflow in Postman Using Collection Runner – New Feature of Postman

Hello Folks, We have already learnt about the Building Workflows in Collection Runner Using setNextRequest() in Postman in previous post. But sometimes you may need to decide the workflow just before running or you may need to skip requests in Collection Runner just before running. Postman has implemented new Collection Runner that gives you the […]

Postman Tutorial Part 25 – Collection Runner in Postman

Hello Guys, We have already seen two basic posts about:- Introduction to Collection Creating a collection in Postman In this post, we will see How to run a Collection in Postman. You can relate a Postman Collection as a test suite for functional, regression or smoke. You may want to run all tests in a […]

Postman Tutorial Part 24 -Set, Get and Unset Global & Environment Variables in Postman Scripts

We have seen creating environment and global variables manually. You can refer them here:- Understand Environment & Variables in Postman Create, Manage and Use Environment In Postman Create, Manage and Use Global Variable In Postman In above ways, manually we need to add variables with value. Sometimes we may need to update or add variables […]

Postman Tutorial Part 23 – Introduction to Postman Sandbox

We know that we can write Pre-request scripts and Tests scripts for a request, collection and folder in a collection to add dynamic behaviour to it. All these scripts run in an environment which is called Postman Sandbox. The Postman Sandbox is a JavaScript execution environment based on NodeJS that is available to you while […]

Postman Tutorial Part 22 – Postman Console – Debugging And Logging

Debugging and logging are very important when you are trying to develop/test something. During development or Testing of any software or API, you may need to debug or log what is happening in between if actual behaviour is not as per expected behaviour. You must have heard of browser’s developer console or web console. Postman […]

Postman Tutorial Part 21 – Scripts In Postman

If you think Postman is only for static or manual testing, you are not correct. We can do automation testing of API using postman to a good extent. We can add dynamic behavior to Postman requests and collections. Postman contains a NodeJS based runtime environment. This NodeJS environments allows us to add dynamic behaviour to […]

Postman Tutorial Part 19 – Save Response in Collection in Postman

Hello Folks, We have already seen Creating a collection and storing requests in it. Let’s perform below steps:- Create a Collection. Create a request. Hit the request and proper response should come. Save the request in created collection. Close all tabs in request builder. Open request from collection. Observe that “Response” was not saved. By […]

Postman Tutorial Part 18- Sharing & Importing Collections as a Link in Postman

Hello Folks, We have already seen below topics:- Introduction to Collections in Postman Creating a Collection in Postman In this post, we will share and import collection as a link in Postman. Once you create a collection in Postman, you may required to share with others. We can share a collection in multiple ways in […]

Postman Tutorial Part 17 – Creating a Collection In Postman

This post will cover below topics:- How to create a collection in Postman? In how many ways, we can create a collection in Postman? How to make a collection as Favourite in Postman? How to save a request in Postman? In how many ways, we can save a request in Postman? Creating a Collection in […]

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