Postman Tutorial Part 28- Building Workflow in Postman Using Collection Runner – New Feature of Postman

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We have already learnt about the Building Workflows in Collection Runner Using setNextRequest() in Postman in previous post. But sometimes you may need to decide the workflow just before running or you may need to skip requests in Collection Runner just before running.

Postman has implemented new Collection Runner that gives you the ability to select and reorder the requests before starting the run.

Import below Postman Collection:-

In the above Collection, I have two folders and four individual requests in root of Collection. In Collection runner, it will appear in same order as shown below and Run order section (Right hand side) :-

You can see checkboxes with request names which you can check to run the request and uncheck to skip from run. Kindly note here that each request from folder is shown individually in Run Order. Folder icon represents that request is in a folder.

You can drag and drop request to change order of execution.

I am attaching here a gif from Github here which shows the functionalities:

More about API Testing and Postman Tutorials in upcoming posts. Stay tuned.

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