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Postman Tutorial Part 40 – Collection Variables in Postman

We have already seen what are Global and Environment variables in Postman and its usage in creating parameterized requests. In this post, we will see another type of variables called Collection variables. Let’s consider some scenarios first:- If you have followed my posts in sequence, you must have seen that when we import a Collection […]

Postman Tutorial Part 31 – URI Path Variables in Postman

End points or URI may not be constant always. For example:- If you want to retrieve a booking details, you need to pass booking id in URI as below:- https://restful-booker.herokuapp.com/booking/1 https://restful-booker.herokuapp.com/booking/2 In above URI, 1 and 2 are booking ids and those are not constant. This makes above URI dynamic. You should have a way […]

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