How To Install Java 8 On Windows 10


Java is a programming language and first released by Sun Microsystems in 1995. Now Java has been acquired by Oracle. It was designed by James Gosling. While writing this post the latest version of Java is 14. Java 8 is a more stable version and it is widely used as well. We will be installing the latest subversion of Java SE 8 on windows in this post.

To develop and run Java programs we must have Java installed on our system. We are also going to learn Selenium WebDriver for Java binding.

Step by step installation of Java SE 8

Navigate to the official page of Java to download

Navigate to this webpage in a browser. Take the latest update of Java SE 8. As you can see below Java SE 8u261 is the latest version for Java 8 SE. 8u261 stands for Java SE 8 update 261. You can download other Java versions as well from here. Click on JDK Download.

Download Java installer file for Windows

Since Java is a platform-dependent language we need to download supported Java installation files as per the operating system and processor. You will see installation files for each operating system on the same page.

Since I am using Windows 64 bits, I will click on the last row installer file.

Accepts terms and conditions

Please check the box to accept terms and conditions. After that only download link will be enabled.

Log in to your existing Oracle account or create new

Now you need to have an Oracle account to download Java. If you have an account then use your credentials otherwise creating a new account is quite simple.

The download will start automatically as soon as you create an account and verify it. If not then repeat the above process. You should find a downloaded file in the default download directory of browser or whatever you have set.

Install the installer file like any other software on Windows

Double click on the downloaded .exe file and provide permission if asked. And all you need to do Next -> Next. You can change the default installation directory but you can leave that. The installation will take some time. Wait for it to be completed.

Set JAVA_HOME and JDK bin path as Environment Variables

Your JAVA_HOME path will be the installation folder. If you have not changed your installation folder during installation then it will be as below:-

C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.8.0_261

Note:- JDK version will be the same as the installed version. In case if you update Java version then there will be multiple versions. Select the latest file or version.

JDK bin path will be as below:-

C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.8.0_261\bin

In the bin folder, you will find all Java-related commands like javac, java, javap, etc. We need to set these two things to work with Java. Add the above path in the “path” system variable.

Check installed version of Java

Now open a Command prompt and check the installed version of java using “java -verison” command as below:-

You can also try “java”, “javac” etc commands to check the successful installation of Java on your machine.

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