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Part 2: All about XPath: Different ways of writing XPath expression.

Hello Folks, In last post we have learnt basic concepts about XPath. In this post ,we will learn to write XPath expressions: Using attribute name and value Using contains method Using ‘and’ operator Using ‘or’ operator Using last() method Using starts-with method Using wildcard character (*) Using text() method Using position method Using attribute name […]

Part 1: All about XPath in Selenium Webdriver: Basic concepts

Hello Folks, We have learnt 6 locators till now in details(Part 1 and Part 2). In this post we will learn: What is XPath. Absolute XPath Relative XPath Difference between single slash and double slash. Understating the term immediate nodes, Any nodes and indexed nodes. XPath is one of the locators available in selenium Webdriver. […]

Part 2: Ways of locating Web element using: Name, Class Name, Tag Name, Link Text

Hello Folks, In last post , I explained about locating web element using ID. I explained last post in details so that you will be able to understand other locators easily. We will learn in this post: Locating web element using name. Locating web element using tag name. Locating web element using link text. Locating […]

Why syntax is “driver.manage().window().maximize();”?

Hello Folks, In my last post, I explained about some useful methods of WebDriver. I got some comments to explain why do we write syntax as below:

Actually it’s JAVA concept. It is called as method chaining. We will learn about this now. Some basic Concepts of JAVA: 1. There can be two types […]

Hierarchy of Selenium Classes and Interfaces

Hello Folks, Selenium automates browser and to achieve this, Selenium has provided many classes and interfaces. We must need to understand hierarchy of Classes and Interfaces of Selenium WebDriver. It will help us to understand upcast and downcast codes which we generally do during writing automation scripts like capturing screenshot using TakesScreenshot interface and executing […]

Launch of Edge and Internet Explorer browser in Selenium 3

Hello Folks, We have seen: How to launch Firefox browser. How to launch chrome browser. In this post we will learn: How to launch Edge browser(Windows 10 onward) How to launch Internet Explorer browser What is Edge browser: Microsoft Edge is a web browser developed by Microsoft and included in Windows 10, Windows 10 Mobile […]

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