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Interview Experience at HP Bangalore for Selenium Profile – Jan– 2020

Company Name :- HP
Date :- Jan – 2020
Experience Level: – 4 – 8 Years
Location– Bengaluru
Mode : – F2F

Candidate attended first round and was not shortlisted for further rounds. Below are the list of questions asked in first round:-

  1. How do you implement dynamic waits in your script?
  2. Which selenium exceptions you faced frequently?
  3. There is a web element which starts with tag “a”. When you click on it, the tag changes to “b”. How you will write locator for this?
  4. There are 10 headers on a web page and you need to click on all headers and verify if page is loaded correctly.
  5. How you will a website which is in multiple language?
  6. What is data driven testing?
  7. What is alternatives of excel?
  8. In an application, some features are compatible with latest version of browser and some are not compatible. How you will automate this?
  9. Draw Collection hierarchy in Java.
  10. What are things need to be consider for parallel execution?
  11. What are best practices you self learnt in automation.

If you want to share you interview experience with any company for Testing profile, write with all details as given above and mail me at It will help testing community a lot.

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