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REST Assured Tutorial 23 – Creating JSON Object Request Body Using Java Map

As a part of End to End REST Assured Tutorial, in this post, We will learn:- How to create a JSON Object Payload using Map in Java.

In previous posts, you must have observed that I was hard coding the JSON request body in a string. It is not a good practice if you have the dynamic payload or want to create payload at run time or parameterized one. It is always good to create payload in such a way that you can easily maintain, manage, update, and retrieve values from it.

We can create a JSON Object using a Map in Java. You must note here that I am using the word “JSON Object”. A JSON Object is a key-value pair and can be easily created using a Java Map. A Map in Java also represents a collection of key-value pairs.

Start with a very simple JSON Object:

Observe above JSON Object. It contains two key-value pairs. “username” and “password” are two keys and “admin” and “password123” are its corresponding values.

Following the same, we need to create a Map and put the above key-value pairs as they ae\re. Since key and value both are string, we can create a generic Map. See the example below:-

Now you can directly pass above Map object to body() method which is overloaded to accept Object type.

Complete example:

I am using a logger just to show you the JSON body. Observe Output below. You will see the request body:-

Now see some complex example:-

Above we have seen a very basic JSON object body. Let’s learn little complex JSON Object request body.

A key in JSON Object can hold another JSON Object as well. Unlike the above example where we created generic Map as Map<String, String>, in this, we need to create a generic map as Map<String, Object> to allow a key in Map to have a JSON Object as value.

We need to create two Maps here. One will hold overall key-value pairs and another Map will hold only bookingdates key-value pairs. Refer example below:-

Complete Example Code:-


You can download/clone the above sample project from here.

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REST Assured Tutorial 23 – Creating JSON Object Request Body Using Java Map

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