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Interview Experience at Genpact Bangalore for Selenium Testing Profile – Dec – 2019

Company Name :- Genpact
Date :- Dec – 2019
Experience Level: – 2 – 5 Years
Location– Bengaluru
Mode : – F2F

GENPACT interview Questions:

1. What are the criteria for selecting a test case for automation?

2. Which types of test cases should you exclude from automation testing?

3. What are the main stages in the automation testing lifecycle?

4. Which are the main tasks during the planning phase of automation testing?

5. What are the principal features of a good automation tool?

6. What different approaches can you use for designing an automation solution?

7. Which are the main tools for software automation testing?

8. How do you measure the success of automation testing?

9. Can automation testing fully replace manual testing?

10. How do you plan the automation testing of a web application?

11. Why would you want to automate a test?

12. What is the recommended test automation strategy?

13. Can you define an automation framework?

14. What coding practices should you follow during automation?

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