Features of Selenium 4.0.0 Release – Java Binding

An alpha version of Selenium is released as 4.0.0-alpha-1. As we were expecting a big changes in Selenium 4 it is not like that.

An alpha release is a release when the feature which you are developing is incomplete or partially complete. So when you are trying below features, may or may not work properly.

I am going to list out some new features of Selenium 4 for Java binding here:-

  1. Now you can launch a new tab and window and by default switch to it. “newWindow” method from “WebDriver” interface creates a new browser window and switches the focus for future commands of this driver to the new window.
  2. You can capture (Screenshot) a particular web element directly instead of capturing whole screen. Earlier it was possible by cropping it using dimensions.
  3. Selects class overrides equals() and hashcode() methods now.
  4. Location of safari driver now configurable using “webdriver.safari.driver” system property.
  5. Basic support for using Docker containers with the new Grid Server.
  6. Selenium Grid will be robust as new Grid Server, supports “standalone”, “hub”, “node”, and completely distributed usage.
  7. HtmlUnitDriver will not be default part of Selenium WebDriver now.

Reference: –

I will cover new features of Selenium 4 once a stable version is released.


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  1. Hi Amod , Could you please explain about what is mean W3c Webdriver protocol in Selenium 4.0. and How it differs from Json wire protocol

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