Rūto – Get Started & Save Time in Finding Locators

People spend a lot of time in locate web elements for Automation. There are some tools which make your life easier and could save a good amount of time. Rūto is one of them.

I have published a post on Rūto which you can go through here.

A quick overview of Rūto :-

Rūto brings the best XPath to you. We are striving hard to improve better performance and more new features.

Ruto – A product of Testleaf!

Rūto assist to identify the selector from HTML DOM like id, name, XPath, especially XPath in 20+ different patterns as of today. That makes your test automation life lot more easier.

What Rūto will solve for you?

– Build selector including 20+ XPath patterns

– Rank XPath pattern based on element selection

– Allow you to copy the XPath of your choice to IDE

Setup of Ruto in Chrome:-

You can search for Ruto in Chrome webstore of directly use this link.

Click on ‘Add to Chrome’. It will be added as extension and you can see an icon at top right corner as shown below.

Now launch any website on which you want to locate web elements. I will locate web elements in PayTM.

RIght click on webelement which you want to locate and select “Add to Ruto” option.

As soon as you click on it, you will see Ruto icon at top right corner will be updated with count of unique xpath locators it could provide you.

Click on Ruto icon, you will see all xpath locators. You can quickly copy the locator using associated “Copy” button.

You can cross check uniqueness of locators using Ctrl+F.

You can copy some readymade snippet to click, typing or extracting the text. This can save your time again.

But be careful that You need to find out if operations are valid as it gives you code to type on a button as well which is not a valid case. Hope this feature will be advanced or enhanced based on element type.

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