Postman Tutorial Part 19 – Save Response in Collection in Postman

Hello Folks,

We have already seen Creating a collection and storing requests in it.

Let’s perform below steps:-

  1. Create a Collection.
  2. Create a request.
  3. Hit the request and proper response should come.
  4. Save the request in created collection.
  5. Close all tabs in request builder.
  6. Open request from collection.

Observe that “Response” was not saved. By default a Collection saves request only. No Response.

We can save response of request in collection. Once you hit the request, you will see “Save” button. Remember it will be available only if you hit a request in a collection. For normal request, you won’t see that option.

Give name to response and click on “Save Example” button.

Now open the request. You will see a link as “Examples<CountOfSavedExamples>”. Click on it and you can see your saved example.

You can delete, modify or add examples.

More about API Testing in upcoming posts. Stay tuned.

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