How to load a URL in browser without using get() or navigate() method in Selenium

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In last post, we have seen in details how to open a URL in selenium webdriver.

Do you know that we can open a URL without using any browser as well?  It is frequently asked interview question as well. Let’s learn it.

Let’s perform some steps first:

  1. Open a browser.
  2. Press F12.
  3. Switch to Console tab.
  4. Type ” window.location=’’ “(exclude double quotes) and hit Enter key.
  5. You will notice that redbus website is loaded.

This is the way of loading URL without using any methods like get() or navigate(). Above statement is called as javaScript command. We will see javaScript concepts later. In this post we will just learn how to execute a javaScript command through selenium.

Complete JAVA program:


  1. It also holds the execution of next statement till website is loaded completely.
  2. It also throws page load time exception after 300 seconds.
  3. It also keeps current browser session history and you can navigate back and forward.

Java Program:

Execution Starts
Browser opened.

I hope you must have learnt new concept.

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Author: Amod Mahajan

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6 thoughts on “How to load a URL in browser without using get() or navigate() method in Selenium

      1. Amod Sir, am not getting any timeout in console. am just getting below mentioned set of lines :

        browser opened
        1500884784173 Marionette INFO New connections will no longer be accepted

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