Wildcard characters in XPath – Selenium WebDriver

We generally use an asterisk (*) while writing XPaths. This is called a Wildcard character.

An asterisk in XPath may represent any node or attribute name of XML or DOM. A node is a tag in XML document. When we do not bother about node or attribute name we can use an asterisk. For example:-

//span -> Only span node/s

//* -> Any node/s

//div//* -> Any child node of any parent node “div”

An asterisk can help us with attribute names as well. For example:-

//input[@*=’demo’] -> Any “input” node who contains an attribute value as “demo” for any attribute.

//a[@*] -> Any ‘a’ node who contains any attribute

//a[contains(@*,’demo’)] -> Any ‘a’ node whose any attribute value contains “demo”.

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