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REST Assured Tutorial 56 – JSON Schema Validation Without Rest Assured


As a part of End to End REST Assured Tutorial, in this post, we will learn about JSON Schema validation without Rest Assured.

We have already covered JSON Schema Validation In Rest Assured. You may be wondering why do we need to validate JSON schema without Rest Assured. We just not validate JSON response schema but we should validate JSON request payload as well just to ensure if the payload is correct. If we create it dynamically or get it through external sources we must have a schema check before we pass that payload to API.

We may need to verify schema of any JSON and it should not be restricted only through Rest Assured.

We can use json-schema-validator standalone as well. There is no need to use it with Rest Assured only. Something like TestNG can be integrated with Selenium or Rest Assured or any other libraries. We need to add Hamcrest (A Core API and libraries of hamcrest matcher framework) explicitly if want to use it without Rest Assured.


I am using the below version of json-schema-validator and hamcrest:-

Validate a JSON without Rest Assured

Since schema validation methods of json-schema-validator library create a hamcrest matcher, we must need to add Hamcrest library in our project. Now we can validate schema of any JSON without Rest Assured.

Sample JSON schema

I have stored the below JSON schema outside of resource folder.


If you keep the expected JSON schema in resource folder then you can use matchesJsonSchemaInClasspath also.

You can download/clone the above sample project from here.

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    Thanks for putting on so much effort.
    One of my friends referred your articles and these are really knowledgeable, especially, for beginners. while researching topics on rest api, i came across something called caching mechanism for rest apis. Can you please write a post on how to implement a generic cache for response received from get and post requests?

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