Interview Experience At Morgan Stanley Mumbai For SDET – Sep – 2020


As part of the Interview Experience series, in this post, we will see an interview experience in Morgan Stanley shared by a candidate.

Interview Details

Shared By:– Sumit
Company Name:- Morgan Stanley
Experience Level: – 5+ Years
Location:– Mumbai
Mode:– Virtual
Date:- Sep – 2020

Question Asked

1. Difference between SinglyLink List and Doubly Link list
2. Comparator vs Comparable
3. Give Indexes of array elements which has sum=10
    Array arr={1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9}
eg. 1+9=10 so print index 0 and 9
    2+8=10 so print index 1 and 8

4. Collection FrameWork hierarchy
5. Custom sorting implementation
6. Explain your automation framework
7. API experience
8.Have you worked on advanced java?
9. Explain OOPS
10. “This is new” => Arrange it in increasing length order of words. i.e “is new This”
11. Why do we write class.forName() in JDBC
12. API characteristics
13.How hashmap works internally
14. Agile working

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