AutonomIQ ChroPath: XPath Guide for the beginners!!

ChroPath generates all possible selectors just by one click. It can also be used as an Editor to write your own xpath and cssSelector. ChroPath Studio helps to record all manual steps along with automation steps. With smart maintenance features, all xpaths can be verified from script in a single shot. ChroPath also supports iframe, multi selectors generation, dynamic attributes, generate relative xpath with custom attribute, automation script steps generation and many more.

It supports multi browsers Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Opera.

ChroPath is the highest rated tool in its category, currently being used by more than half million automation testers in more than 180 countries.

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Unique innovations in the latest ChroPath version

  1. Verify multiple XPath. #smartmaintenance
  2. Get manual english test case automatically. #chropathstudio
  3. Unique Relative xpath for #SVG & SVG child elements.
  4. #iframexpath along with element xpath.
  5. Generate the locators command along with label name. This helps to create locators page in seconds for POM framework etc.
  6. All possible locators in single click with their occurrence.
  7. Option to generate relative xpath with text or without text.
  8. Saves config in local like attribute choice and command.
  9. Suggest the best xpath for users xpath. Help a lot for the beginners while editing the xpath.
  10. Copy all xpath in single click, no need to waste time in downloading xls and much more.

How to use ChroPath

  1. Right-click on the web page, and then click Inspect.
  2. In the right side of Elements tab, click on ChroPath tab which will be the last tab.
  3. To generate selectors, inspect element or click on any DOM node, it will generate the unique relative XPath and all possible Selectors with their occurrences. Scroll in ChroPath panel to see all generated Selectors.
  4. To evaluate XPath/CSS, type the XPath/CSS query and press enter key.
    As you enter, it will query in DOM for the relevant element/node. You can view the total number of the matching node(s) and nodes value as per their sequential occurrence. A green colour outline appears around to highlight the first matching elements and rest in blue colour in the web page.
  5. If you mouse hover on any matching node in the ChroPath tab, green/blue dashed outline will convert into dotted orange red to highlight the corresponding element in the webpage.
  6. If the found element is not in visible area on webpage then mouse hover on found node in ChroPath panel will scroll that element in the visible area with dotted orange red outline.
  7. If found element is not highlighted but visible then on mouse hover on matching node on ChroPath tab it will highlight element with dotted orange red outline.
  8. Copy the locators just by clicking on copy icon.
  9. Click on edit icon if want to edit any locator.

Please follow this video tutorial to make the best use of ChroPath-

This article is contributed by :-

Sanjay Kumar, Inventor & Creator of ChroPath | Product Evangelist at AutonomIQ | Speaker | Automation Passionate Based out of Bengaluru, India.Chemical Engineer by force, Software Engineer by Choice.

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  1. Important update: This is Sanjay Kumar, Creator of ChroPath.
    I have stopped development and support on ChroPath. You will not get any update on ChroPath from me.
    Please upgrade to my new XPath tool SelectorsHub which is very much advanced than ChroPath.
    SelectorsHub is absolutely FREE community tool. It is a browser plugin available for all the browsers Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Opera. SelectorsHub download link

    Please share this info in your network, it will help many

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