Interview Experience at Infogain Bangalore for Automation Testing Profile – Nov – 2019 (Telephonic)

Company Name :- Infogain
Date :- Nov– 2019
Experience Level: – 2 – 4 Years
Location– Bengaluru
Mode : – Telephonic

Below questions were asked:-

1.Difference between HashMap and HashTable?? In HashMap, I want only key values how to generate those???
2.Explain implicit,explicit and fluent wait?
3.How to handle web based popup??
4.Diff b/w keyword driven and data driven framework?
5. Explain Java 1.8 features.
6.Difference between getWindowHandle() and getWindowHandles()? What are the return types of those?
7. Where to use JavascriptExecutor ?
8. What is usage of DataProvider ? What is return type of DataProvider???
9. Explain customize exceptions?
10. Difference between throw and throws keyword ?
11. Difference between Run time and compile time exception? Which exceptions you got??
12.What is main use of fluent wait?
13.what are the locators? Explain xpath??
14.Can we use comparison operators like &,//,>,< in xpath?

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