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Interview Experience at Harman Connected Services Bangalore for Selenium Automation Testing Profile – Oct-2019

Company Name :- Harman Connected Services
Date :- Oct– 2019
Experience Level: – 8 Years
Location- Bengaluru
Duration:- 30 Mins
Mode : – F2F
Shared By: Kiran

First Round:-

  1. What is collection and collections?
  2. TestNG how can we execute single test for multiple data at parallely?
  3. Program to print
    2 3
    4 5 6
  4. Program to remove duplicate numbers from an array. Without using collection.
  5. What is wrapper class
  6. Questions on Basic selenium, Alert, Select. Bootstrap dropdowns.
  7. How to find broken links on page?

Second Round:-

  1. What is sonarqube?
  2. SQL queries to find second max salary, salary
  3. Fail fast and fail safe.
  4. Git commands.
  5. Command to run Jenkins job from terminal.
  6. Command to run maven job from terminal.
  7. Difference between, Classname obj=new Classname(); and String obj= new String(“text”);
  8. What is difference between epic and story?.
  9. Last manager round is general walkthroughs of resume and non technical.

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