Interview Experience at Capgemini Bangalore for Selenium Java Profile ( Aug – 2019)

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Company Name :- Capgemini
Experience Level: – 3-5 Years
Location– Bengaluru
Mode : – F2F
Rounds: – 2 rounds
Date :- Aug – 2019

It was a callbased but many attended as walkin as well. It was huge crowd and needed to wait more for first round itself. Rounds were very easy and only basics question were asked.

First Round: –

  1. Do you like Automation testing?
  2. What did you achieve with automation testing?
  3. Which type of framework you are using?
  4. What are locator strategies?
  5. How you will close all ads windows opened when you launch
  6. How you get the title of child window?
  7. Two text box has same attributes. How you will locate them?
  8. Which wait you prefer?
  9. What is grouping in TestNG?
  10. What is Maven?
  11. What is usage of Jenkins?

Second Round:-

  1. Write a Java program to reverse a string without reverse method.
  2. Have you interacted with client?
  3. How do you report automation status to client?
  4. What is TestNG xml?
  5. What are the attributes in TestNG?
  6. Why you are not using JUnit?
  7. Are you okay to work at client location?
  8. How do you handle a situation where no one is helping you?

After second round, client round was scheduled.

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