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Postman Tutorial Part 41 – Dynamic Variables in Postman

We have seen three types of variables in Postman :-

  1. Global Variable
  2. Environment Variable
  3. Collection Variable

In this post, we will see Dynamic Variables in Postman. As the name says, it generates random data for your API. It is more like Random library in programming language to generate random number , timestamp or alphanumeric or alphabets. It helps a lot to hit an API with different data randomly every time.

Suppose you need to pass an integer number ranging between 1 to 1000, to a field in JSON request. You just need to pass “{{$randomInt}}“. See example below:-

For every run, a new value will be generated and pass in response.

Note:- Dynamic variables can not be used in Pre-request and Tests scripts. A dynamic variable starts from ‘$’. You can only use them in the {{..}} format in the request URL , headers and body.

Like this Postman provides so many dynamic variables. I will list some important dynamic variables here:-

Variable NameDescriptionExamples
$randomAlphaNumericA random alphanumeric character6 , "y" , "z"
$randomBooleanA random boolean value (true/false)true , false
$randomIntA random integer between 1 and 1000802 , 494 , 200
$randomFirstNameA random first nameEthan , Chandler , Megane
$randomNamePrefixA random name prefixDr. , Ms. , Mr.
$randomPhoneNumberA random 10-digit phone number700-008-5275 , 494-261-3424 , 662-302-7817
$randomWeekdayA random weekdayThursday , Friday , Monday
$randomMontA random monthFebruary , May , January
$randomEmailA random email

All dynamic variables with examples can be found here.


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