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Interview Experience at Harman Connected Services Bangalore for Manual & Automation Testing Profile – Aug-2019

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Company Name :- Harman Connected Services

Date :- Aug – 2019

Experience Level: – 5-9 Years

Location- Bengaluru

Duration:- 30 Mins each rounds

Mode : – F2F

Interviewer was really quick in asking questions. Maximum questions he asked from resume and answer you give. Below are some questions which I remember:-

First Round:-

  1. What is Cucumber?
  2. How cucumber helped you in testing?
  3. What is importance of BDD?
  4. What is REST API?
  5. Have you used Docker?
  6. Any usage of AWS in testing?
  7. What is Swagger?
  8. What are the features of TestNG?
  9. Explain usage of all annotations provided by TestNG.
  10. Which part of framework you developed?
  11. What is your view on manual testing?
  12. What type of manual testing you are performing currently?
  13. How do you create test result of your manual testing?
  14. How much you interact with BA?
  15. How many test cases you execute every day?
  16. How do you test a scenario where all information are not present?

Second Round:-

  1. Write a java program to Reverse a string without using reverse method.
  2. Difference between Comparable and Comparator
  3. What are testing methodologies?
  4. How much manual testing is preferred?
  5. Explain defect life cycle in Agile.
  6. Severity and priority

If you want to share you interview experience with any company for Testing profile, write with all details as given above and mail me at It will help testing community a lot.

Practice interview questions asked in different organisations here.

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Interview Experience at Harman Connected Services Bangalore for Manual & Automation Testing Profile – Aug-2019

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