Day: July 21, 2018

TestNG Tutorials 38: How to Execute Groups in TestNG without Using TestNG XML

Hello folks, In this post, we will see something new related to grouping in TestNG. When we assign group or groups to test methods in TestNG, to include or exclude groups to run we use TestNG xml. Do you know that we can run groups without TestNG xml and can include, exclude groups easily compare […]

TestNG Tutorials 37: Usage of Regular Expression With Group Names in TestNG

Hello Folks, Proper categorisation/grouping of test scripts is very important as it gives us flexibility in running specific or group of tests. Group names followed by meaningful prefix or suffix help us in reducing number of lines of codes to execute desired groups. We will see an example below: You have multiple groups of tests […]

Understand Verification & Validation In Software Testing

Hello Folks, We testers are always confused with these two terms : Verification & Validation. I will try my best to explain these terms in simple words in this post. Verification and Validation are different testing activities which are performed during SDLC. We use both words interchangeably and think our all testing activities fall either […]

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