Interview Experience at McKinsey Bangalore for Selenium Java Profile ( Sep – 2019)

Shared By: – Parul
Company Name :- McKinsey & Company
Experience Level: – 6 Years
Location– Bengaluru
Mode : – F2F
Rounds: – 1 round
Date :- Sep – 2019

First Round:-

  • Architecture of app you’ve worked on- frontend- microservices- backend
  • Database migrated from one system to other system- what all testing types are required- how to do it?
  • What is data reconciliation?
  • What is unit testing? how did you do it in your project?
  • what is schema validation?
  • Different types of http code error in API testing.
  • Automation test strategy.
  • Different types of testing required to test an app
  • Java code to swap two two number variables without using temp variable
  • Usability vs UI testing.
  • Listeners in selenium
  • How to automate BDD test scripts when dev in progress?
  • what is TDD?

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