TestNG Tutorials 11: How To Run TestNG class From Sub-package Using TestNG.xml?

Hello Folks, Java allows you to group similar types of classes, interfaces and sub packages. You can create nested packages means package inside package which is termed as sub-packages. Let’s create a below hierarchy of package: Create a Package “MainPackage”. Create a class “MainPackageClass”  in “MainPackage” Create a sub package “SubPackage” inside “MainPackage”. Create a class

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API Testing: Why Is API Testing Important?

Hello Folks, In this post, we will learn why we should do API testing. At a very high level, an application has three components: Back end (Data Layer) : Where data is stored and retrieved. Front end (Presentation Layer) :  User interface. Middle ware (Logic Layer) : It connects front end and back end of application.

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TestNG Tutorials 4: Why TestNG Is Called A Testing Framework?

Hello Folks, You might be asked in selenium interviews, “Why TestNG is called a testing framework?”. Why TestNg is called “Testing Framework“? TestNG, where NG stands for “Next Generation”. TestNG is a testing framework to perform unit, functional, end-to-end, integration, etc testing. This library helps you in writing automated tests. Suppose, you are launching a URL

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