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TestNG Tutorials 6: How To Create and Run TestNG XML Of TestNG Class

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In last post, we ran our testng class as a TestNG test using “Run As” option. We can run it using testng.xml which we will learn in this post.

After creating testng class, we need to generate a testng.xml which is very easy.

We will take same example of previous post:

Right click on class name “” and navigate “TestNg–>Convert to TestNG.

After selecting, you will see a window for generating testng.xml as shown below:

As of now just click on “Finish” button. You will see a xml file named “testng.xml” in project hierarchy.


You just need to right click on this testng.xml and select Run As–> Testng suite.  You will get two result in two tabs: Console and “Results of running suite”.

Did you notice a difference?

When you are running the testng class individually, you get option as “Run as- > TestNg test”  while you run through testng.xml you get option of “Run as- > TestNg suite”.

More about TestNG in upcoming posts. Stay tuned.

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TestNG Tutorials 6: How To Create and Run TestNG XML Of TestNG Class

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