Handling Website Popups In Selenium webdriver

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I will start series of posts on topic “Handling different types of popup in selenium webdriver”.

What is a popup?

  • A popup is a window/dialog box/alert which appears when you perform some action such as click, load a URL etc.
  • A popup can appear from website, browser and windows.
  • Popup is way of getting/show some information to user such as confirmation, notification etc.

Website Popup:

  • When we open MakeSeleniumEasy¬†URL, you see a dialog boxes within browser asking to subscribe to get post notifications. This type of dialog boxes are generated from website when you load its URL. This is called popup/dialog box generated by URL.
  • You can inspect this popup as you inspect any normal web element.
  • Generally this popup is build using <div> tag.
  • You just need to inspect fields on popup (Email and name is below example) and you can type texts.
  • There is no need of using Alert interface to handle this popup. If you try to use Alert interface to handle this popup, you will get exception NoAlertPresentException.
  • Remember the important point, if you can inspect any popup, you can handle that as you handle any other web element such as text box in selenium webdriver.
  • It has a close button and you can close this popup without performing any action on it.
  • You can not block this popup using popup blocker option of browsers.


Java code:

You can run above program and check. It will print header of pop up and enter details in text boxes.

You can notice, there was no need of any extra knowledge. Just remember, every popup does not require Alert interface to handle it.

Example 2:

When you open TimesOfIndia URL, you are asked for enable new notifications in a popup. You can inspect this and handle it like as a normal button. Try it for better understanding.


We will see other types of popups in upcoming posts.

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